Arthritis (joint inflammation)

The following plants help to remove the uric acid that causes arthritis:

Parsley: it was found that regular intake of parsley tea helps in removing the uric acid accumulated in the joints, especially if taken with the juice of the mulberry;

Pineapple: pineapple juice is recommended to relieve the joint pain caused by arthritis.
pineapple juice
Illnesses of the wrist

To treat problems with the wrists use the following:

Calendula: this herb helps in the treatment of wrist and the illness prevention. It can be taken in different ways, and it is best to combine several of them. So, for example, prepare a bath in which you will add leaves and flowers. You can also use it in the form of compresses on the joints or drink tea from the leaves of the plant;

Vinegar: in folk medicine for the treatment of wrists it is used the apple vinegar. It is mentioned that the regular practice of this procedure for a period of one month is leading to a retraction (hardening, tightness) of the joints to a great extent. To achieve this goal soak a towel (bandage, a piece of cloth) in apple vinegar, put it on the swollen veins (the joints) and wrap it. This type of remedy should be done every morning and evening. In addition, we recommend taking two tablespoons of apple vinegar per day in a cup of lukewarm water.