Herbs for care and protection of the hair

For care and protection of the hair it is useful to mention the following plants:

Henna: is used for coloring of the hair. Moreover, it prevents hair fall, disinfect the scalp (neutralizing bacteria), prevents cracking of the hair and cleans the hair of excess fat;

Rosemary: this is used as a remedy for the outer layer of the hair. Take two tablespoons of rosemary and put it in a cup of boiling water, leave it for fifteen minutes, and then use it for soaking the hair and massaging the skin on the head;
Tea for covering the gray hair: the tea is prepared as follows: take an extremely hot water and melt one tablespoon of salt in it. This mixture is used by spreading on the hair from the roots to the ends or by spreading on the clumps of hair that we want to color. Be careful that the solution is on your hair for 45 minutes, and then wash the hair with regular water;
Lemon juice: it is suitable for greasy hair, and provides a good cleaning of the greasy hair, and clusters around the hair. In addition, it has a very strong effect as a thing that prevents grease accumulation in the hair and the skin not to produce such grease. The lemon juice restores the natural color and shine, and removes the freckles on the skin (face). Gently apply it on the skin, in equable amount, leave it for a few minutes to dry and then wash your face with plain water;