Honey-Royal jelly

General weakness and impotence: the royal jelly has a pleasant taste and influences on the cholesterol level in the blood, that makes it useful medicine for arteriosclerosis disease (closure of arteries) as a consequence of gathering cholesterol on the arteries and blood vessels walls. Researches are conducted on small children between four and twenty-four months in the University Hospital Florens. These children had problems with the general development due to the bad nutrition. They were given royal jelly for ten days in a diverse amount of 10-15ml daily. Their condition got better and their body mass increased. The same was shown by the results of Doctor Desterm researches conducted at the University of Bordo in France at people suffering from lack of vitality, nerve disorders and easily fatigue, impotence in males, interruption of the menstrual cycle in females who early entered the period of menopause. All males and females were over the age of forty. Measurement showed that at patient – especially the older ones – flexibility and sexual power increased, no matter it was provoked by the age or any other reason. The dose given to these patients was 60 mg royal jelly taken two times by 30mg. Regarding those suffering from lack of flexibility and nerve disorders, their will for food (appetite) and body mass have increased, and menstrual cycle was regulated at females who early enter the menopause.

Ginkgo Bilboa (maidenhair)

This plant is to cure the difficulties that aging brings, such as loss of hearing, impaired sexual drive (desire), the weakening of sexual power, impaired vision, heart disease and others. Having in mind the great medicinal uses of the products of these plants, they are among the best-selling products in all European countries. If you look at the average sales, these products are sold in the amount of about 500 million U.S. dollars annually. In Europe and America it is very easy to get the products of this plant. It is usually produced in the form of pills that are taken in doses elucidated in the usage instructions.

Johimbe (pausynistalia yohimba)

Improves hormone production, increases sexual desire, enhances the flow of blood to the organs and tissues, and increases the level of testosterone in men.


Strengthens the adrenal glands, strengthens the immune system, improves lung function, increases your appetite. It is useful for the treatment of bronchitis, impaired circulation, diabetes , weakness, lack of energy, anemia, and also for recovering boils. Alleviates problems caused by the radiation, and it is used by athletes to strengthen the body.
Ginseng root


This extract science has found that supports the development of blood vessels and improves the flow of oxygen and blood to the heart, brain and other organs in the body.
Also, ginger acts as an antioxidant, slows aging, lowers blood pressure, might prevent the formation of blood clots, sexual impotence, circulatory disorders and other health problems.