Lady`s Mantle–Alchemilla vulgaris 

This plant  is flowering from April to June, sometimes and later. The influence of Lady`s Mantle   heals from menstrual problems and irregular menstrual cycles at the beginning of the puberty. Young girls that have irregular menstrual cycles should drink mixed tea of Alchemilla vulgaris and yarrow.

This plant is efficacy because astringents the bloody dishes and is curing quickly. Is using like a recipe for rehabilitation of heart, for an ulcer that can’t be cured. The tea of Alchemilla vulgaris is the best preparation that can stop the bleeding after taking out a tooth.
Lady`s Mantle alchemilla-mollis
This plant  can also help for wick muscles and anemia. When the woman has harts from childbirth, wick stomach muscles at woman or has the possibility of spontaneous abortion, for being stronger the stomach muscles, Alchemilla vulgaris can help better that any other plant. Pregnant woman that has those symptoms, should drink the tea from Alchemilla vulgaris from the third month of the pregnancy. This plant is curative for all women sicknesses and together with Shepards purse can help for the spilling of uterus and crotch hernia.

In the second case you should drink daily about four couples of tea from Alchemilla vulgaris. It is possible it is better to prepare this tea from fresh plants. The other way to use this plant is to prepare a tincture from the same and to do a massage at the sickest places. When the situation is crotch hernia the tincture of this plant should be put over  sick place.