The Swell Under the Eyes

the swell
Sage. Make sage tea overlays (both cold and hot ones). Take 1 spoon of sage leaves, parboil them with half glass of hot water. Leave it covered for 10-15 minutes, filter it, cool half of it, while the other half needs to be heated. Alternately put cotton wools tampons on the lids-previously damped in once hot and once cold tea. This treatment needs to be done before going to sleep, and after this the skin must be lubricated with a lid cream.

Parsley. For people with swollen lids and bladders under the eyes parsley leaf overlays are strongly recommended. The leaves must be cut in mall slices and put on the lids, covered with moisten cotton wool tampon. Take them off 15 minutes later on.
For people who have swollen lids and “bladders under their eyes a mixture of 2 spoons of sour cream and 1 spoon of grinded parsley leaves is also applied. Put them on 20-30 minutes, and take them off with cold water.

Potato. The potato should be cooked in shells. When the same becomes hot cut it and put it on the eyes for 30-40 minutes. This mask reduces the swell under the eyes.

ChamomileTea. Take filter bags of tea, overflow them with hot water, then put them into fridge for a short while, and then put them on the eyes in the time period of 10 minutes. This overlay is highly recommended for people with “bladders” under their eyes.

Make a 5-minute massage with any type of cream in the evening. After ending with the massage put hot boric acid solution overlays (slightly diluted). 10 minutes later on put freezing-water overlays on your eyes, changing them several times.
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