Allergy -protection with ground black seed and honey

Black seeds  ground well and mixed with honey.
Take one tablespoon three times  daily  15 – 20 minutes before  a  meal,  in the morning on an empty stomach. Mixture use 7-8 days. This is only a preliminary immunization mixture which will facilitate the body. After applying the seed mixture with honey, use only black seed oil.
For adults: 3 times per day, a large spoonful of 8 to 12 weeks.
For children: 2 times a day for a small spoonful of 8-10 weeks.

At strong allergic attacks to the respiratory system do the following inhalation:
In the 1/2 liter of boiling water put 2 tablespoons black seed oil and inhale in the evening before bedtime.  After inhalation must cover the face and rest. At expressed allergic attack drink black seed tea. After inhalation 12 hours to not expose to cold.

Black seed tea:
1 cup of boiling water : 1 tablespoon of ground black seed : 1/2 tablespoons of anise: 1 teaspoon of camomile.
A mix of tea overflow with hot water and leave for 10 minutes. Sweetened with honey and drink at several intervals. Drink tea three times a day before meals. Treatment with tea takes 4 – 6 weeks.

Treatment with other herbs:
Garlic, wild cherry bark, leaf mullein, nettleYarrow- Achillea millefolium.

Avoid substances that the organism is allergic.
Exclude: sugar, cereals, dairy products, beef, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, strawberries, coffee, cigarettes. Drink freshly squeezed juices.