Pain and inflammation in the joints (rheumatism)

The following herbs/plants heal the pain and inflammation in the joints and rheumatism:

Ginger: ginger tea is used to relieve the pain in the joints, and can be used as a tepid bath in which a certain amount of ginger powder is added;

Camphor bath: make a tea from the leaves of the camphor by adding a quarter cup of dried leaves in around half a liter of boiling water. This solution is added to the water where you are going to take a bath in order to alleviate the pain in the joints;
Camphor laurel camphor
Vinegar: the apple vinegar has a very specific effect against the pain and the inflammation in the joints. The apple vinegar is placed on the painful joints in the form of compresses. You can also make a bath in which you add a certain amount of apple vinegar. The vinegar can also be taken with drinking water; take two tablespoons of vinegar and put it in a cup of water;

Greater burdock: tea from the roots of this plant cures arthritis. It is recommended to use three cups a day for a month and a half.