Problems with digestion and flatulence

To treat indigestion and flatulence the following plants are useful:

St. John’s wort: it is said that the solution of the roots of the plant is an effective remedy for eliminating the feeling of heat in the stomach and in the inlet of the stomach that spreads to the back of the chest and is often accompanied by a poor digestion;
Chamomile: this herb is used to eliminate the stomach flatulence accompanied by indigestion. It can be used as a tea, subcutaneous injection, and also it is used as a compress made of tea placed on the stomach;

Cumin: adding cumin in the meals helps in eliminating the indigestion. Also, drinking cumin tea with other medicinal herbs such as mint can eliminate the cramps;

Dill: the dill tea is an effective remedy for stomach flatulence, as well as indigestion, both in children and in adults. Modern studies have shown that this plant strengthens the walls of the intestine. In addition, it enhances the digestion of food and is resting (nurture) the tissue organs of the digestive system, which eliminates the problems caused by cramps and flatulence in the stomach. Because of all this the dill should be added to foods, such as the cake, because it is very tasty. For the treatment of stomach flatulence is used a tea from the extract of the seeds of dill. Add two teaspoons powdered seeds in a cup of boiling water, and then leave it for 10 minutes. Drink one cup three times a day. For the treatment of flatulence in children, give them a sweet dill tea. Take one teaspoon of dill seeds and put it in a cup of boiling water. Make sure that the tea is strained good and given to children in several smaller doses.