Secretion of milk in breastfeeding mothers

To increase the secretion of milk in breastfeeding mothers the following plants are useful:

Cumin: this plant greatly improves the milk production in the breast. For this purpose, use a tea cumin, 2-3 cups per day. Take a dry, finely minced or ground cumin seeds and in one cup of boiling water put one teaspoon, and then leave it for 15 minutes. You can use cumin oil by adding  a few drops in any herbal drink;
Dill: the Greeks consider the dill as absolutely healthy (organic) food. They used a solution of dill seeds as a beverage to increase the secretion of milk in nursing mothers. Modern research shows that the dill contains a substance that has an effect similar to the hormone estrogen, which is advisable for people who have problems with insufficient secretion of milk, with a slow flow of blood in the menstrual cycle, as well as for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. Prepare the tea by adding 1-2 teaspoons minced dill seeds in a cup of boiling water and leave it for ten minutes. Drink one cup of tea 2-3 times a day;

Fenugreek: this plant is characterized by a number of medicinal properties, especially for women. Among its medicinal characteristics is the one that it increases the secretion of milk in breastfeeding mothers. Take 1-2 cups of tea of cooked fenugreek seeds, and after that eat the seeds;
Extract from barley and black seed: take two tablespoons of black seed and finely grind it, and then add it to a liter and a half of barley water. Boil all of this and leave it to cool for twenty minutes. It can be drunk several times during the day.