Fresh flavors, enticing aromas and great taste – that’s how finger foods should be. Finger foods are the first things served to your guests, and nothing would please you more than seeing those ‘awesome’ expressions on your guests’ faces. We have listed four absolutely delightful finger food recipes that would earn you lots of compliments.

#1 Baked Mushroom Lollipops (serves four)


12 to 15 pieces fresh button mushrooms

4 teaspoons butter

Salt and pepper powder, to taste

Chilli Flakes for garnishing


Ø  Wash the mushrooms and lightly pat them with a kitchen towel.

Ø  Pour them in a baking bowl or baking tray.

Ø  Now, set aside the mushrooms and put a pan over the gas oven.

Ø  Put four teaspoons butter in it and quarter teaspoon pepper powder. You can add more butter if you like.

Ø  Now, pour this mixture over the mushrooms.

Ø  Sprinkle salt over the mushrooms. Please note that salt is not required if you’re using salted butter.

Ø  Bake mushrooms in 302.00ºF (150ºC) for 15-20 minutes.

Ø  Garnish with chilli flakes and serve hot.