Exhaustion and Physical Weakness

We all at times feel tired and need some rest, also the need for more energy essential in the race for worldly goods … But is it healthy to try gaining more energy and putting at risk in this regard? How can we rest and in a healthy way return our energy during the day?

First: follow the instructions of great doctors. You need a lot of rest, take regular meals with a balanced diet and regular exercises.

Secondly: start easy: giving yourself an extra fifteen minutes rest every morning before starting the day. In this way, you will not feel tired or exhausted.

Third: eat dinner that contains three important elements: carbohydrate, proteins and fats. Certainly you do not want a larger amount of fat in your dinner, as this will increase the amount of carbohydrates, and significantly reduce the percentage of their burning. For dinner, it is desirable to take carbohydrates (with milk), which will be one of the protein sources, which will be a nice way to start the new day.
Fried food and sweets are considered as food rich with carbohydrates. As for protein, it is desirable to take milk products such as sour cream, which contains small amounts of fat and cheese, as well as a small amount of chicken or fish.

Fourth: one should know how much work can be done, because if a person is not able to estimate this, it may cause exhaustion before the work is completed.