Removal of the unpleasant smell from the mouth

The unpleasant smell (breath) from the mouth bothers people who are faced with a person who has this problem. How it can be treated and make the smell from the mouth pleasant?

First: to eliminate the bad breath you can take a chewing gum, which should be regularly used. It can also be used wild iris in which we put a bit of carnations, which helps to reduce the acidity in the mouth and makes the smell from the mouth pleasant.

Second: make a solution of fifty grams of coriander (minced) and forty grams of dill. First, mix it and grind it, and one teaspoon of the obtained mixture adds it in a little water, one hour before a meal.

Third: dry the peel of the lemon and the orange, finely grind it, mix it with mint and cooked it in honey, then make some balls out of the mixture and held it in the mouth. This will make the smell from the mouth pleasant.