People who want to quit smoking are advised to use the following plants:

chamomile: it was discovered that chewing chamomile flowers helps in suppressing the desire for cigarettes;
chamomile dried
marjoram: taking tea from marjoram causes dryness in the throat so that the smoker can not stand the smell of cigarette smoke or the passing of the smoke through the mouth. The smokers are advised to take a cup of tea from marjoram in the morning at a time when they had a custom of lighting up the first cigarette. Also, it is advisable to take one-half cup of tea every time you have a desire for cigarettes;
sweet marjoram

steam baths and saunas: regularly going to a steam bath and sauna helps to cleanse the body of nicotine on which the person is used to. Also, it is advisable to take large amounts of water to purify the blood of nicotine.
Emphysema is one of the chronic lung diseases that usually affects the smokers.
There is an effective remedy to ease this problem and overcome the risks that it entails: take 5 drops of anise oil mixed with half a teaspoon of honey. This medicine can be taken three times a day half an hour before meals.