Kidneys difficulties

To relieve pain in the kidneys the following plants are useful:

Parsley: it is useful to take parsley tea or parsley seeds when a person has problems with urinating;

Asparagus: this excellent plant, which grows in European countries, contains some useful minerals like the substance asparagine, which improves the functions of the kidneys;
Agathosma: this is a kind of medicinal tree whose breeding spreads in Africa. Its leaves are used by many pharmaceutical companies in the western states. It was found that the leaves of the agathosma have a strong effect in the treatment of the impossibility of controlling the urine or dripping of urine due to poor functioning of the urinary tract. Taking leaves of this plant help to strengthen the urinary tract tissues, and neutralize the pathogens that occur in the urinary tract. The remedy from these leaves is made in the form of tea, as follows: one tablespoon of dried leaves is added a cup of boiling water and left to stand for half an hour, so the leaves can release a juice. The tea is then strained and drink 3-4 cups a day.
agathosma ovata