High temperature

Herbs that lowers the body temperature:

Barley: the extract from barley has always been used for lowering the high temperature. It has a useful natural properties for lowering the high temperatures caused by an inflammation of the mucosa of the airways (such as bronchitis) or the mucosa of the walls of the intestine;

Fenugreek: the fenugreek tea lowers the temperature. It is better to add lemon juice and honey too. This drink at the same time has an exceptional nutritional value, it nurtures the body and reduces the fever;

Lemon: taking lemon juice or lemonade lowers the body temperature. This recipe is very effective. Take one big, fresh lemon, cleaned and cut into slices with peel. Put it in three cups of boiling water and cook it until the water evaporates, so that there is only one cup (be careful not to use aluminum containers when cooking). The mixture is then strained and given to the sick person. Also, it is useful to mix the lemon juice with an extract of barley (barley water) and use it to lower the temperature, but also as an antibiotic.