Morning sickness

For the treatment of morning sickness the following plants are useful:

Ginger: the ginger tea is among the best herbal drinks against morning sickness. Therefore, it is advisable to take ginger as a natural anti-morning sickness remedy (which is more common for pregnant women at the start of the pregnancy), as well as headaches that sometimes accompany morning sickness. Prepare ginger tea compresses  for this purpose and then place it on the head. If we do not like the taste of ginger tea, take another herbal drink and add a little ginger powder;

Basil: inhaling scent of basil helps to prevent the morning sickness. To achieve this objective rinse your nose with basil oil or inhale the aroma of fresh basil leaves that are previously minced or ground with your hand;
Mint (Mentha): the morning sickness can be eliminated by taking one cup of mint tea. In it you can add a little carnation or ginger powder, with which you will get the best results.