Loss of hearing and sex drive in older people

The loss of hearing and sex drive in older people can be treated with ginkgo (maidenhair). It is mentioned that this species is the oldest medicinal plant on Earth and it has always grown. This plant is said to cure the difficulties that aging brings, such as loss of hearing, impaired sexual drive (desire), the weakening of sexual power, impaired vision, heart disease and others. Having in mind the great medicinal uses of the products of these plants, they are among the best-selling products in all European countries. If you look at the average sales, these products are sold in the amount of about 500 million U.S. Dollars annually. In Europe and America it is very easy to get the products of this plant. It is usually produced in the form of pills that are taken in doses elucidated in the usage instructions.

Sexual impotence

For the treatment of sexual impotence the following plants are useful:

Rosemary: its effect is to strengthen the sexual ability in men. Also, since ancient times is known that the rosemary is relaxing the brain. To achieve these effects, it is necessary to regularly take tea rosemary;

Ginseng root: a small amount of ginseng powder (ground roots) is added to any herbal drink for the strengthening of sexual abilities. Some studies have confirmed that consuming this herb, greatly increases the sexual potency in patients.