The acnes come as a disruption in the puberty and the have a partial connection to the disruption of the kidney functioning.

That is why these people should avoid too spicy or too salted meals, sour cabbage and drinks. The salads need to be spiced with sour cream. They should also drink 1 liter of nettle tea, drop by drop, each day.
External use: you should put a balsam made of horseradish ( Armoracia lapathiofolia) and vinegar on the wet face and leave it like that for 10 minutes.

The grated horseradish needs to be put into a bottle and overflow it with apple vinegar, the same should overflow the horseradish. All this should be left at a room temperature for 10 days. Since the balsam is used directly from the bottle and the vinegar shouldn’t be cast away, the same should be put into a well washed plastic bottle with a cover similar to a hole. The horseradish takes away the dander from the vinegar, and the vinegar takes it from the food. This way a mild vinegar essence that suits all types of facial skin can be made.