How to maintain the vitality of the skin

Is there a connection between diet and healthy skin? Yes, there is a strong connection between proper nutrition and healthy skin. The skin layer is not something that is unchangeable. After some time it renews itself, and therefore it is essential to always have a proper diet (enough nutrients) in order to maintain its vitality and elasticity. The vitamin E is one of the elements that helps the skin to recover.

The wrinkles on the taut face represent losing the vitality, and this is one of the many problems. How can this problem be solved in a natural way?

This problem can be solved in three ways:

First: take three grams of wild iris and ten milliliters of olive oil and cook it well. With this smear the face in the morning and evening.

Second: take three grams of anise and three grams of rosemary. Put this mixture in a glass of hot water, then leave it to cool a little. Greasing the face with this solution is very useful.

Third: use parsley extract with water solution of chamomile. Smear the face in the morning and evening.