Start the Journey to Total Well-being

Total Well-being
“Total Well-Being”, is it just a buzz phrase, or is it an achievable status in life? We see it mentioned everywhere in advertising, and in a multitude of articles, but what is well-being and what do we actually need to do to achieve this next plateau in our happiness? Here are some of the components you will need to fine tune to help you on the road to “Total Well-being and how you can try to achieve them.


This is the obvious place to start for most of us. Physical fitness has been a hobby for some and an obsession for others for decades now, and you can easily find advice about how best to tone your particular body into a near machine. A person who is happy with their body is more confident in life and work and is generally happier. You can improve your fitness levels and physical appearance by visiting any of the multitudes of gyms around your area, or even by training at home. You can start this process at any age, and if you are realistic and prepared to work at it, you should be able to make your body one you can be proud of, and that will improve your health and stamina. However, never start training without getting a medical OK first.


Obviously part of your well-being is going to involve the way you cope with the mental stresses that you encounter every day, and there are many ways to try to cope with these without resorting to medication. Meditation is a great way to learn to unwind from the stresses of your day; as is yoga. But something as simple as a warm, relaxing bath before bed, or even a simple stroll around the neighborhood should not be discounted. If you need help relaxing, a yoga center is a great place to start. They will understand your needs, and if yoga is beyond you, they will give you advice on how to proceed


To lead a rich, fulfilling life is impossible for many unless they have a family. A person who grows up in a happy family will usually want one of their own, and will never be truly happy until they have one. For most of us, that is why we date and find somebody we love to make a family with; for others it is not so simple. If there is a physiological problem they will either need to adopt a child or attend an IVF clinic. It could be that the problem is something as straightforward as a sperm donation, but it could be something much more complicated. Until you visit the clinic you will not know, but visit you must if you want to have the family you desire.

If you are happy with your body, can control the stress and anxiety that life throws at you, and you have a family that you love, loves you back, and works as a support mechanism for you all, then you are far down the road to well-being. If you don’t have these things, they are surely the starting point in your search for that apparently perfect state of “total well-being”