Learn the secrets of the symbols of sheep, Aries, lamb …………..

aries ram
An Aries/ Tup/ battering ram is a symbol of some great man with an immunity, such as governor, ruler, head, commander or general, but sometimes it can be a symbol for shepherd. A scraggly ram is a symbol of a humble man or a servant since this type of ram doesn’t have horns-which are, among rest, his power and force. Such an Aries can also be a symbol of disinherited person, someone who is dismissed from the position, or someone who has been left in the lurch or person who is disarmed and deprived of helpers. If you dreaming slaughtering an Aries without knowing the reason for it, this is a sign you’ll defeat someone unexpectedly, or you’re going to testify the truth against someone-in case the Aries is slaughtered under rulles and mentioned the God’s name. If this is not the case, then it is a sign that the dreamer is going to kill someone, or do him some violence, or inflicting pain to someone.
aries ram
When dreaming slaughtering an Aries because of the meat, have in mind that the significance is the same as previously underlined if dreaming a camel or a cow. If the Aries is slaughtered because of some religious ritual/ ceremony, in case he’s a sinner-he’ll repent, if he’s debtor/ insolvent he’ll return the debt, and this way he’ll comply the oath, getting closer to God with its good deeds and obedience. In case this is a dream of some person who lives in fear, or is in jail, or he’s sick or he’s kept in captivity, this is a good sign that he’ll overpass the situation. In case someone is in the middle of a war and he dreamed slaughtering an Aries, he should be prepared of a victory over some strong enemy. Slaughtered Aries that are dreamed placed somewhere are sign for some killed people. In case someone dreams buying an Aries, he should know that he is going to be needed to some faithful man, by which help he’ll overpass some illness or perdition.

In case you dream that an Aries had jumped on you, be prepared for some unpleasant situation made by some enemy. When dreaming that an Aries had kicked you with the horns, have in mind that you’ll be unquiet or offended. Taking an Aries horn means protection, and taking wool is a symbol of getting a possession from some honest man. Taking a tail is a symbol of overtaking the regimen over the affair of some honest man, inheriting his property and marrying his daughter since the tail is a symbol of a successor. Taking something out of an Aries womb is a symbol of taking over treasury of the honest man-which represents the referred Aries. If you dream bearing an Aries on the back, be prepared to serve and take care of some honest man. In case someone dreams that an Aries had stabbed his wife in the private part, he should know that the wife is going to cut the hairs out from the pubic spot.
In case you dream following an Aries, thus this can mean that you’ll kill the leader of one kaum, and the hilt of the sword is broken, thus this is a sign that some man of my gender is going to be killed.
On the other hand, in case you dream peeling an Aries, be prepared to go to some other road, different than the one from some significant man. You’ll get the power over some significant person if you are riding an Aries. If you dream gaining sheep or goat milk, wool or skin/ pelt, you’ll gain property and some good. In case dreaming you got a sacrificial animal, be prepared to get a blessed child.
You’ll have a dispute with some important person if you dream wrestling with an Aries. The one who’ll win in the dream, will be winner in the reality-having in mind that the human and the Aries are of different types. But in case they are of same type, if for ex. two men are fighting in a dream, the one who is defeated in the dream will be the winner in the reality. You’ll have some income if dreaming riding some tup. The same interpretation goes if you dream eating cooked tup meat. In case some person dreams having peeled tup in his house, this is not a good sign- which means someone in that house will die. The same significance has dreaming peeled some other domestic animal beside tup. Gossiping can expect the person who dreams eating fry (non-cooked) meat. Some experts consider that it is better to dream fat animals, rather than skinny ones.
In case you dream transforming into an Aries, and that you’ve mounted on branched and listed tree, be calm- you’ll get regimen and memorial under the auspices of some honest man who has wealth and who has noble origin, and the other meaning is that you might serve some ruler.