To check or remain indifferent. Does dream interpretation can cause something rotten.
The Dog can be a symbol of a slave in some cases.
A symbol of person who crosses all boundaries, who doesn’t have fear and who is spreading false news in case you dream a dog who barks.

A black dog is a symbol of some feeble enemy who has very little manhood.
A female dog is a symbol of an unladylike woman. In case you dream a female dog had bitten you, you’ll experience some discomfort.
Eating doggy meat in your dream is a symbol of a victory over the enemies, to whom the dreamer drifted some material damage.
Drinking dog’s milk in your sleep is a symbol of certain fear.

In case you dream putting a dog under the head, good news for you: this is a symbol of a friend who helps you and gives you power.
The dog is also a symbol of a guardian, but sometimes a person who follows the innovations in the religion.
In case you dream a dog bitten you, then the symbolism is as follows: in case you hand out with a person who follows the innovations, your friend is going to mislead you; in case you have enemies or opponents, then they’ll insult him or defeat him; in case you have a slave-he is going to cheat on you; if you have a guard, he’ll betray you.
In case you dream this during a famine/ hunger, you’ll fell the consequences as well, in proportion to the biting and the pain from the biting.
A female dog is a symbol, once again, of unladylike woman originating from bad people.
female dog1