Easy to Get Rid of the Pounds by Consuming the Lemon Juice

lemon water
There is huge level of potassium in this juice, and the same is necessary for normal functioning of the cardio vascular system and the kidneys. This juice has a positive effect on the oxido-reductive system processes, giving strength and flexibility of the blood vessels. The vitamins B, B15, A, B2 and P, as well as magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and pectin are present in this juice content. This is a preventive agent against heart attacksstrike and other diseases.

Besides the above mentioned, the lemon is known for its strong anti-septic and anti-inflammatory effectsIt is the best cure against lots of viruses, and if combined with garlic it is a very efficient cure for people with AIDs.

A glass of this juice every day can keep us away from cholera and typhoid. In case we have a cold, we can enter lemon into our system in any type-either by adding it in the tea, in water or in oil. It is also good for cuts, fastening its healing. Recent discoveries show that the lemon juice is god for decomposition of uric acid among people with rheumatismgoutstones in the kidney and some other diseases. It also prevents our body from radioactive radiation. On the other hand, it strengthens the tooth enamel, whitens the teeth and protects them from caries. But if you exaggerate with the lemon juice input, you can get some allergy reactions, or in some cases strong gastric acidgastric ulcer and duodenumulcerative colitis and catarrh of the small intestine.