Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Aloes and wart-cress are a sure cure for an illness. Aloe juice contracts the tissues, and it can burn up skin. Apply it if you wish at night, and not during the day. It has ample benefits, particularly the variety of Indian aloe. It neutralizes accumulations of bilious yellow superfluities in the brain which sometimes affect the optic nerve.

Massaging the forehead and the temple with a mixture of aloe juice and rose oil relieves headache, cures ulcers of the nose, mouth sores, and boils of the mouth. It opens obstructions in the liver, and abates depression and anxiety (melancholia). The Persian variety of aloe gives a keen edge to the brain, and enlivens the heart.

Drinking two tablespoons of aloe mixed in a glass of water helps purge corrupt juices, bilious and phlegmatic excesses that originate in the stomach, and abate the false sense of hunger.

Drinking aloe juice in cold weather can cause bile irritation, bleeding in the intestines, and diarrhea generated by such bleeding.

Aloe Vera also drives away jaundice, helps cure ulceration of the stomach, removes swelling of the eyelids, and opens obstructions in the kidney. Mixing aloe with drugs causes their harmful effects to subside.