Healing of atherosclerosis

(Hardening of blood vessels)

This is a disease that is closely associated with the cholesterol. Increasing the cholesterol levels in the blood leads to a buildup on the walls of the blood vessels, which leads to blockage or restraint provoking a high blood pressure.

For this disease nowadays is used a preparation of the following herbs: basil and hanging branches Broom creeper, Ink berry (Cocculus villosus). It is possible scientifically to test the healing properties of the selected and the appropriate ingredients taken from diverse herbs grown in a healthy way. These ingredients regulate the fat level in the blood and they are taken in the nutrition and have no side (adverse) effects.

To the careful reader we pay attention to the point that all synthetic medicines used for regulation of the fat level in the blood, that are sold in the pharmacies have side effects, such as: transfer of the fats from the blood and the blood vessels to the liver, and after one stops taking these medicines it goes back in the previous condition.