• Do not be unaware of  the health problems, hurry up with the treatment in the right way.
  • Do not take overdose of a certain medical dose in order to get healed earlier.
  • Avoid usage of herbal mixtures for treatment without scientific strongholds.
  • Take care of the teeth and the organism health.
  • Sleep enough regularly.
  • Do not expose  yourself on a draft while sleeping.
  • Do not sleep in a stuffy room.
  • Do not cool too much the sleeping room.
  • Avoid the usage of  heavy blankets.
  • Avoid uncomfortable positions for sitting, standing or sleeping because it is harmful for the spinal column and the neck.
  • Do not carry heavy stuff.
  • Avoid too big and too high pillows for sleeping.
  • Set aside time to meet the natural needs of the organism.

When you get rid of the disease, then the pains and nauseas disappear and the best is to devote yourself to practicing the prevention.