The ancients highly appreciated asinine cheese.

The Greeks considered it an excellent drug,  the Romans considered it a luxury drink. Hippocrates recommended it for many illnesses, especially poisons and wounds. He also recorded a recipe for one of the first treatment for acnes and “rosacea”-e.

In addition to other ingredients appeared on the asinine milk. Many centuries later this treatment is medically confirmed. Knowing that this milk protects the woman’s beauty, Queen Cleopatra bathed in asinine milk. For one of her daily bath is milked 1.000 female donkeys.
The asinine milk is medicinal because its composition is similar to the maternal milk. Contains antiallergenic, one percent milk fat and drink only raw, because boiling lost precious ingredients. In particular, “disappeared” vitamin C, which in asinine milk has 60 times more than in the cow milk.

It has a revitalizing effect on the whole body. It is a very effective anti- skin problems, to strengthen the immune system, to recover anti- chronic fatigue. The asinine milk is similar to the maternal milk.

This fact is important for many people, especially infants, as they don’t cause allergies, for difference to cow milk. It also contains 60 times more vitamin C than in the cow milk and because it has vitamins A, D, E and that is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus makes it really nutritional gold mine.

The milk also contains immune globulin, protein that strengthen the immune system and makes it the perfect drink for the prevention of anti- viral and bacterial invaders. It is recommended for patients floor chemotherapy, lung disease, asthma, bronchitis and dry cough. Strengthen immune system.