Weakness is a disease of the modern world. With all the worries and mental pressure (stress) that affects the people, a person is not able to find moments in which will regain the strength. The nervous system is not ready to bear it. In such cases it is necessary to take the matters into their own hands and help the nervous system to recover. What advice can you give to people who have these problems, in order to overcome them?

First: be interested in something that requires to get out of the house. It is well known that staying in an apartment / house and the feeling when you are in a closed space, increases the feeling of apathy. Therefore, the remedy for this problem is simple: “escape” from home. You need to go out for a walk, bike ride, visit a friend or read a book (in the library).

Second: make a list of things (reminder) that needs to be done. The best way to select the things for doing is to note down what you want to do, in order not to forget it.

Third: we want to shrink into ourself. It is useful to share your feelings with others and therefore you need to find friends to entrust and tell them what bothers and upset us.

Fourth: do not mind crying if the problems bring you to tears. Crying is a great way to take out the sadness.

Fifth: sit and think, and from time to time analyze your situation. In this way, you can better determine the source of your feelings and thereby improve your emotional status.

Sixth: try for several times (to achieve or do something), then, if you fail, give up. It happens that we think to do something that will bring us life, sometimes blindly stick to those dreams (fantasies), despite the fact that they are not real. If we determine some goals that cannot be achieved, it leads to apathy. When we find ourselves in a situation like this in our life, say to yourself: “You did everything you could,” and then be satisfied with the attempt.

Seventh: play sports. Numerous studies clarify that the sport helps to overcome the apathy.

Eighth: find something appropriate to do and to deal with, so you can put aside the apathy. Deal with some of the work that will eliminate apathy.

Ninth: be able to determine the dynamic of life, because the pace of life in the 21th century can be very difficult to track.

Tenth: avoid making tough decisions. A person cannot make difficult decisions when it suffers from apathy.

Eleventh: treat others with respect. The feeling of superiority makes the person to become dissatisfied and angry when it communicates or cooperates with people.

Twelfth: completely avoid going to places where trade is conducted (markets, shops). Sometimes working with people who disagree with us can lead to a deterioration of apathy, and going to such places has the same effect.