Advices for diabetics

After all that is said in terms of diabetes, what is best to do about it, what it worsens, can all that be summed up in a few clear instructions that will represent a plan for neutralizing the symptoms of diabetes and regulate the lifestyle and diet?

First: take the daily required amount of water and do not dehydrate. If the body has enough water, it reduces the risk of health problems with the kidneys, because it purifies the urinary tracts and prevents the buildup of salts and other substances (it should be noted that the diabetics have more kidney problems than other people). The water is extremely useful in the cases of increased levels of blood glucose, because it relieves its concentration in the blood and removes the excess through the urine. It is considered as the primary remedy for the problems with increased levels of blood sugar.

The best way to determine how much water is enough is to observe the color of your urine. If it is dark yellow, you need to drink more water.

As for the tea, coffee, coca-cola, etc., those drinks should be taken cautiously. Of course, it is best to avoid them completely and replace them with useful herbal drinks (such as drinks from fenugreek, anise, grapefruit, etc.). The reason for this is that the tea, the coffee and the coca-cola contain caffeine, for which it has been established that raises the blood glucose levels, and, if taken in excessive amounts, has other adverse effects, and causes symptoms such as diarrhea, indigestion, etc.

Second: vegetables and fruits contain organic sulfur, which acts on the transformation of insulin that is called c-peptide in active insulin. Because of this, we need to take larger amounts of sulfur.