12 Best-kept secrets greasy facial skin masks

Shred a big and tasty carrot. If it is too sappy add some talc. All of the mash is put on the face. It is recommended for greasy skin, skin full of acne and pale skin. Cut the carrot in small slices, mix it with one powder egg white foam and add flour in order to make a mash. The mask should be put on the face and on the neck. Keep it that way for 15-20 minutes. In the evening you should rub it with cotton wool soaked in a cabbage juice.

Put a piece of tomato on the face. It is recommended for greasy skin with large pores.

Squeeze a white and red currant juice(one hand white,one hand red), mix it with 1 spoon of potato flour, and put one spoon of the mixture on the face. It reduces the pores.