Treatment of ulcers

How can you treat the ulcers in the stomach?

: take thirty grams of sweet almond seeds, dried and shelled, well wetted (to swell), then put it in fifty milliliters of cow milk. After that, the drink is sweetened with honey and it is drunk regularly in the morning, fifteen minutes before eating (breakfast). This drink should be taken one hundred days, continuously, and it will heal the affected person.

wash a certain amount of cabbage leaves and drain them well (to obtain a juice). Drink one glass of fresh juice half an hour before meals. This should be done regularly, every day, for two months.

Third: prepare of a mixture of licorice, linseed, lupine, fenugreek, cress, Henna leaves, Gentiana lutea (Great Yellow Gentian) and milk vetch, which are taken in equal proportions. All are finely minced and cooked in two pounds of honey. Take one spoon after each meal.