Club Moss Lycopodium clavatum (Wolf’s-foot clubhouse, stag’s-horn clubmoss or ground pine)

The curative plant Lycopodium clavatum is named with many names like: worm – burrow, ground pine and other names. This procumbent evergreen plant has ringlets long one to two metros, with   thin rootlets, which are helping for craw under the forest ground. From the ringlets   grow 7 to 10 cm. Long branch out stalks, very smooth, looks like footsteps snow Calluna, with that difference that are smoother and gosling grow with blades. This plant has thin, small and fine roots. The leaves of this herb are small and persistent. This four year plant in summer brings yellow cobs which have flower dust or cutoffs flour. This herb is used in the national medicine in natural curing homeopathy , for curing skin that is covered with wounds.