When we are thinking about losing weight, the first thing our friends tell us is to eat less. Well yes, it’s a good advice but we already know it. The question is, how to eat less?

So, I’m going to give you some useful hints in the following letter.Some tricks and practical solutions which can be used in day to day life. All of them have been carried out and tested by me.

Let’s get it started:

-Use plain, small plates.

small plates
In order to deceive the brain’s amount perception, use plain, small plates for your meals. The amount of your meal will satisfy you.

- Try to go to eat while still not too hungry.

Do not wait until you starve, to have a meal. However, according to science, you should leave a 4-5 hours space between meals.

-Chat while eating.

The longer it takes you to finish your plate, the earlier you will feel stuffed. Don’t forget, eating fast makes you fat.

-Always try to set a good table.

Instead of ordering food and eating very fast, try to have a long meal especially when you’re home.

-Warm up just enough food.

When you eat at home, do not warm up all the food and place it on the table. Warm up the food that’s enough for you and keep the rest refrigerated.

-Use small plates for the main course and big bowls for the salad.

You’re free to eat salad as much as you want so you can place it into big bowls.

-Get off the table as soon as you finish your plate.

You can keep chatting on the sofa drinking a cup of tea.

-Chew your morsels well and eat slowly to enjoy your food.

You will catch it’s more delicious that way.

-Leave your forks and spoons on the plate from time to time.

This is how you buy time, it lenghtens the duration of your meal.

-Do not deal with other activities while eating

Watching TV, playing  playstation games, net surfing etc. You won’t enjoy your meal.